COVID-19: Helping small businesses navigate the crisis

charles deluvio bXqOMf5tvDk unsplashJust a few short months ago the busy open enrollment season for benefits was winding down and returning back to normal daily operation. But this year's spring had something different in store and it all came to a screaching halt with the outbreak of the COVID-19, the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020.  Carriers quickly and proactively introduced ways in which to help businesses and employees deal with this enormous health crisis in some effective ways.  Most carriers began with the following actions...

  1. Opening up a special open enrollment period to employees that initially waived out of health insurance coverage
  2. Waiving all member out of pocket costs related to COVID-19 testing and treatment
  3. Maintaining employee eligibility for benefits if they are furloughed or have reduced working hours

More information about what's available to employers and members can be found at each carrier's website.  How this event will impact health insurance premiums and coverage options going forward is yet to be known.